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A fine blog dedicated to sharing the dynamic imagery by me, photojournalist L.E. Baskow, begun during the summer months of 2011 on my cross-county bicycle photo project. It's a great place to monitor my work and see what I see, whom I meet and the interesting things that take place along my twisting road of photographic life.

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Been a good week of interesting people and assignments, a little bit of everything. Fortunate enough to shoot some more sports like boxing, golf and MMA which aren’t usually on my plate. David Copperfield seems like a nice guy and always like it when folks like him will take the time to interact with their fans - plenty don’t and they should be more appreciative of how they got to where they are (even if it’s a pain in the ass sometimes.) Best moment of the week is the kid picking his nose and his sister her ear at an auction this morning, they might have gotten the best picks of the day there :D

Some recent random images from about town, tiny glimpses into my little photo world here in Vegas land :)

More EDC just in case you needed one more fix. Not quite caught up on sleep yet but as Steve Marcus says, “You can sleep when you’re dead.”

Second night’s coverage of the EDC 2014 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, quite the experience!  Don’t normally stay up all night shooting and the energy level and focus definitely come and go, next time will surely have a better idea of how things go there. Was changing batteries within a photo pit and the Kinetic stage and somehow dropped my keys, it’s 4:30 a.m. and so begins a two-hour search to find them and a loss of prime shooting time.

Amazingly we run into a security chief back at the stage at daylight who just happens to have them in his pocket, what are the odds? Definitely need to make a spare copy and get another fob and keep better track of my keys, what a mess that would have been with my car at the speedway and all. Many thanks to my fellow staffer Christopher DeVargas who stuck by my side the whole time and helped me track them down. All in all a fun and interesting night and many lessons learned, maybe I should go back tonight?  Maybe not :D

Was fortunate enough to catch a ride on a Maverick Helicopter out to the opening night of EDC 2014 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. First time flying over the city via helicopter and definitely need to get back up for more, preferably at dusk. Back out there tonight for the whole thing, gonna be hurting by morning :D

Fun evening as Ron DeCar welcomes guests as his Viva Las Vegas Event Center hosts “Big Band is Back with Kat Ray” at the new, vintage Vegas-style venue. Some cool old music, outfits and couples dancing like my folks used to :D 

A dynamic week of tragedy, cops, music and portraits keeping me busy as usual but content. Definitely a time of contemplation and being grateful for all I have and the great family and friends around me. Life certainly just goes on….

Covered the funeral of slain Metro Officer Igor Soldo at Palm Mortuary which attracted hundreds of officers, family and supporters from all over the valley and beyond. Not the pool shooter I was restricted to outside of the grounds on the other side of the fence but feel I covered it quite well from my vantage point. One of those days that helps to put your life in perspective, I woke up today happy and healthy and that’s pretty darn good considering :D

With summer in full force here in Vegas it seems fitting to post some images from my visit to Pitosi Pines out towards Purhump where they were hosting Camp Vegas sponsored by the Nevada Diabetes Association. It’s a great experience which combines the love of camping with an educational component for kids with diabetes in a secure environment free of ridicule and embarrassment. I was welcomed with genuine affection, fed well and entertained and will surely return. 

Community members, officers and supporters gathered to honor slain Metro Police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo during a candlelight vigil outside of CiCi’s Pizza restaurant on Monday evening, June 9, 2014.  Was a horrible act of cowardice to kill these officers while sitting down to lunch, then taking another life at a nearby Wal-Mart before taking their own.

Feel as you may about cops sometimes, as a former military cop myself I can personally say it is a risky profession and often underappreciated…