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A fine blog dedicated to sharing the dynamic imagery by me, photojournalist L.E. Baskow, begun during the summer months of 2011 on my cross-county bicycle photo project. It's a great place to monitor my work and see what I see, whom I meet and the interesting things that take place along my twisting road of photographic life.

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A dynamic week of tragedy, cops, music and portraits keeping me busy as usual but content. Definitely a time of contemplation and being grateful for all I have and the great family and friends around me. Life certainly just goes on….

Covered the funeral of slain Metro Officer Igor Soldo at Palm Mortuary which attracted hundreds of officers, family and supporters from all over the valley and beyond. Not the pool shooter I was restricted to outside of the grounds on the other side of the fence but feel I covered it quite well from my vantage point. One of those days that helps to put your life in perspective, I woke up today happy and healthy and that’s pretty darn good considering :D

With summer in full force here in Vegas it seems fitting to post some images from my visit to Pitosi Pines out towards Purhump where they were hosting Camp Vegas sponsored by the Nevada Diabetes Association. It’s a great experience which combines the love of camping with an educational component for kids with diabetes in a secure environment free of ridicule and embarrassment. I was welcomed with genuine affection, fed well and entertained and will surely return. 

Community members, officers and supporters gathered to honor slain Metro Police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo during a candlelight vigil outside of CiCi’s Pizza restaurant on Monday evening, June 9, 2014.  Was a horrible act of cowardice to kill these officers while sitting down to lunch, then taking another life at a nearby Wal-Mart before taking their own.

Feel as you may about cops sometimes, as a former military cop myself I can personally say it is a risky profession and often underappreciated…

Another busy time here in Vegas, lots of varied assignments and that’s always a good thing. Seem to be doing more portraits now, some for the Las Vegas Magazine, so working hard to improve my lighting skills. Funny how as a young photojournalist I only wanted to use natural light and can now see that being able to control that light with added light many times improves the effect. The education continues…

I thought fancy bikes with new tires aren’t supposed to get flats?
Las Vegas, you make it hard to be a dedicated cyclist ;0
#baskow. #Las Vegas

I thought fancy bikes with new tires aren’t supposed to get flats?
Las Vegas, you make it hard to be a dedicated cyclist ;0
#baskow. #Las Vegas

Had a fun assignment hanging out with Claire Sinclair of Pin Up as she worked with her understudy Sabina Kelley to get the routines down. Claire actually gets a little time off and occasionally needs someone to step in.

Images from the recent Epicurean Affair and other random moments about the Vegas region including Hoover Dam. Definitely need to spend more time out there, amazingly big!

Some of my favorites while in Portland for a mere 48 hours to be a team leader at this year’s PDXSQ 2014 brought to life by the Oregon chapter of the ASMP under the amazing direction of the dynamic duo of Leah Nash and Christopher Onstott.  An array of talented photographers, editors, volunteers and staff helped produce countless stunning images of Portland again and have fun doing it. Maybe next year I’ll compete again but being on the other side of the fence was extremely rewarding in a whole different way….

The crowd turned out in droves for the season 6 finale of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”  and to eventually see Bianca Del Rio being presented  “America’s Next Drag Superstar” honors live from The Havana Room at The New Tropicana.  Las Vegas continues to amaze me :D