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A fine blog dedicated to sharing the dynamic imagery by me, photojournalist L.E. Baskow, begun during the summer months of 2011 on my cross-county bicycle photo project. It's a great place to monitor my work and see what I see, whom I meet and the interesting things that take place along my twisting road of photographic life.

Please enjoy and share!

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A dynamic week for me and then some, headed back to the pig farm again tomorrow to make some even better images - hopefully :)

Spent time at a new restaurant and shooting more food and cocktails, starting to become a thing. Also shot my first MAGIC fashion show at the convention center, honestly thought it was going to be all about magic and magicians at first. Not like that would’t happen here in Vegas…

Another interesting past week here with a host of portraits, food and fun events. Was pleased to shoot assignments for the New York Times and Australian Financial Review, we have so much going on here and people are certainly interested in it. Mayor Goodman was great and gave me more time than the 15 minutes allotted.  

Wonder if all the interest has to do with money :D

The Las Vegas Steampunk Guild members costumed up during First Friday activities as they presented a Steampunk Wonderland. They have taken the beloved Lewis Carroll novel “Alice in Wonderland” and crafted from it a steampunk style art competition.

Another diverse mix of images from Las Vegas, I certainly do seem to get around this town. Working hard on making dynamic portraits with interesting lighting and composition, a constant battle but feeling good about the results mostly. Another week with some heavy rain too, finally sent out to document some of the flooding. Staying busy….

An update with a few of the images I created recently, seem to be getting a lot of food and portrait assignments lately which helps me to work on styling, poses and lighting more. With all that’s shaking up in the media world and photo positions I’m absolutely pleased to be where I’m at making quality pictures :)

Seem to be doing a fair number of portraits lately which is cool, can always use help on my lighting techniques and poses. Now into the rainy season here in Vegas too so shooting more weather art, trying my best to make it interesting :)

Catching up after a nice vacation with the family in Destin, miss the white and sandy beach already!  Here’s from the opening day at Cowabunga Bay water park, seems like a fun place to go with a group of friends :)

Lifelong friends Darius Martin, Colton Shrum and D’Aron Martin are incredibly close and recently graduated together from Odyssey Charter School in Las Vegas. Each have their own challenges but have formed bonds that will always be strong.

Another dynamic week with some very interesting people. There was a pet hospice vet, a collector, patriotic cleaner, criminals, fatals and fireworks amongst the other events that kept me busy. Vacation coming up in a week and so ready for it, life here can be a blur :D

Had an entertaining evening shooting boxing for ShoBox: The New Generation on SHOWTIME® live from the Hard Rock Hotel featuring some of the up-and-coming young boxers in the country. Gotta say that boxing is quite hard to shoot, tougher than it seems. Though there’s lots of punching going on to get the actual contact cleanly is a low-percentage for me, definitely have lots of shots of guy’s backs and heads :)