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A fine blog dedicated to sharing the dynamic imagery by me, photojournalist L.E. Baskow, begun during the summer months of 2011 on my cross-county bicycle photo project. It's a great place to monitor my work and see what I see, whom I meet and the interesting things that take place along my twisting road of photographic life.

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A little late on this post but still not officially open yet so it’s cool. was at the welcome event for Guy Fieri and his new restaurant coming to the “Strip” at the Quad. He was a lot of fun and access was great. Seriously tasty burger with mac-n-chese, bacon and an onion ring on it!!!!

Spent some time at the opening day of the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational at Shadow Creek and had a nice time wandering the course capturing moments. Golf is always so challenging in that most of the times the players are fairly reserved. Jordan was cool as usual but didn’t see him interact with the fans much, gotta get old after all those years in the spotlight. Believe me, I know!!!!!!!

Been a few weeks since I last posted pics, busy as always with a wide variety of assignments. Hard to believe but it’s now been six month for me here in Las Vegas, Pretty much just a blur though the place is starting to grow on me, think I’ll stay for now  :)

The burning of the Life Cube community project on Friday night in downtown Las Vegas was a spectacle of music, performance, prayer and fire.  A creation of artist Scott Cohen, the 24-by-24-foot plywood cube was painted by artists and filled with notes from thousands of people over the past several months. The evening culminated in the lighting and burning of the dynamic project to the delight of a capacity crowd.

This week in Las Vegas concluded the painting of the Life Cube community project which has been in progress over the past few months. Artists from all over came to put their personal touches on the evolving project which was a creation of artist Scott Cohen. The 24-by-24-foot plywood cube was also filled with notes from thousands of people.  

The Life Cube continues to be painted on here in downtown Las Vegas and will set afire a week from today. It’s been an interesting art experiment and the burn should be spectacular!

The Life Cube continues to be painted on here in downtown Las Vegas and will set afire a week from today. It’s been an interesting art experiment and the burn should be spectacular!

My first First Friday here last week was a cool experience, some very interesting people, art, music and food to be had. Think I could go back again though the crowd was a bit thick in certain spots and I’m not a huge fan of that, the price you pay for entertainment :D

An interesting week of dogs, cops, cars and art with a few other things mixed in. While shooting the Horses4Heroes event we had a bit of comedy. Not sure if the gentleman was a vet or not but he was quite elderly and armed with a camera. As the ceremony began he chose to come over and stand right between us media folks and the podium folks and do his thing, as we would adjust he would wander side to side and we finally needed to ask him to kindly sit down or move. Funny how folks are so oblivious to us sometimes :)

Meat to post these the other day but work got in the way :)

Great night at Weekly’s Unscripted featuring Stifler at the Tropicana with several dozen local artists performing with Frankie Moreno as guest host on his piano. Not sure why it was on a Tuesday night at 11 pm - 2:30 am but probably something to do with performances the rest of the week. Definitely a fine time and great entertainment, will be going again.

Due for an update, do my best to hold onto images until they are published so things can get backed up sometimes. Believe it or not, not every image I make is a work of art :)  

Chased some rain art, shot some food and spent the day with a special-needs student who is beloved by his varsity basketball team. Life continues to go well here and amazing people keep coming into my life.