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A fine blog dedicated to sharing the dynamic imagery by me, photojournalist L.E. Baskow, begun during the summer months of 2011 on my cross-county bicycle photo project. It's a great place to monitor my work and see what I see, whom I meet and the interesting things that take place along my twisting road of photographic life.

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Quite the night covering the RiSE Lantern Festival at the Jean Dry Lake Bed, like nothing I’ve ever been apart of that’s for sure. The concept , to launch hundreds of giant lanterns in sync after writing personal thoughts and wishes on them. It was a transportation nightmare with traffic backed up for miles then hopping busses to be shuttled out to the lake bed.  Was an hour and a half trip getting there just before sundown though I made the best use of my time.

People continually streamed in and the start time was pushed back over an hour as the busses were backed up. No food or water was in the media area but May Wildman with Kirvin Doak Communications and her team came to the rescue with some water and a tasty salad. May even got me on one of the first shuttles out after the launches, I heard later that some folks were stuck out there for hours and even chose to walk back in the dark for miles to their cars. All in all a stunning visual, if it happens next year I’m sure the issues will be fixed.

A mixed bag of images from recent shoots, a little bit of everything from food to sports to portraits…Definitely busier without my man Sam Morris but we endeavor hoping to fill the void sooner than later :)

The gay marriage ban was finally lifted in Nevada last Thursday though it was announced today that a group is filing for another repeal. It was such a wonderful thing to see, people so happy for each other notwithstanding race, religion or sexual orientation and if gay people wish to be married who am I to tell them they can’t? They might as well be as miserable as all the other married folks :D

Catching up on some images shot recently like the Luckyrice Las Vegas Feast at The Cosmopolitan last weekend, a tasty collection of small dishes with an Asian flair. I’ve learned that for these types of events it’s best to get there early and shoot the food displays quickly, the first hour is typically for invited “special” guests and the group is smaller with access to the dishes easier. Once the larger group arrives lines get long and table access gets much more difficult. Typically I’m not going to fight through people to get images of chicken on a stick or anything else :)

History was made here in Nevada today as the same-sex marriage ban was finally overturned and marriage certificates were issued late this afternoon with some couples marrying almost immediately after the paperwork was given.  It was two long days of waiting followed by a mad pile up of photographers and reporters all trying to get the same story in a small space. Did the best I could, amazing to see so many people happy about getting married. Certainly will be good for Vegas :D

Brantley Gilbert and Blake Shelton perform for the Route 91 Harvest Festival crowd at the MGM Resorts Village. Honestly been a long time since I’ve seen so many drunk people in one place before 7 p.m., guess that’s how the country folks do it :D

Crazy busy, odd, strange and somehow normal last week here in Vegas. Ended up camping out on an overpass of the I-15 as a suspicious package shut down traffic for 3 hours and the bomb squad with robots did their thing. Turned out to be mainly toiletries but better to be safe than sorry I’m thinking. Covered our first Hempfest which ended up being mainly an excuse for everyone to get high, gonna guess not all of them had medical cards either. Also another high school football game, the Henderson Bowl, where Green Valley dominated Basic and the stadium lights went out before the fourth quarter began costing us another half hour. These late nights can kick my ass sometimes :)

Spent a few hours at the Global Gaming Expo, G2E, the gaming industry’s big annual convention taking place at the Sands Expo with Steve Wynn giving a keynote speech during the event.

How is it possible as of today I have been in Vegas a year already? Wow, what an amazingly bizarre ride so far :)

How is it possible as of today I have been in Vegas a year already? Wow, what an amazingly bizarre ride so far :)

First time at ringside in Vegas for UFC 178, pretty damn touch to shoot through that fence even with a fancy new camera. Thanks to John Locher with AP for helping me adjust the focus sensitivity so the focus wouldn’t keep getting fooled. It’s so odd, you think you’re getting all these punches but there’s so many reasons for them not happening, timing is definitely an art with this sport :D